A lot of times, we get tired – be it from a workout at the gym, mental exhaustion or even from seeking out our purpose in life. Using our physical bodies as an example, when we get tired, we tend to rest using whatever method that makes us feel relaxed but then how comes in issues pertaining life, we find it difficult to do so? In the coming weeks, Dami and I will be sharing what we understand by RESTING IN GOD and we will use our life experiences as examples. We hope it will bless someone


I’m sure we are all familiar with the cliche, ‘when life throws you lemons, make a lemonade’. So today I ask, ‘what has life thrown at you?’ Pain. Prejudice. Heartbreak. Financial constraints. To be honest, life always and will always throw one thing or the other at us and sometimes we get parried by their blows that we lose balance and drift away from our purpose and God’s intent over our lives and then we could start going round and round in circles and before we know it, we try to do things by our strength which may lead to frustration (I am not saying that we should not work hard) but in God, He makes us go through the tough times with an assurance of coming out victorious.

In my next article, I will share a story of me trying to do something by myself and how it turned out when I could have easily sought God’s help to navigate life’s waters. I trust God to help us to convey the message that will give hope as well as strength to someone out there…

(C) Chukwudi Isaac

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