Today 30th June, marks the end of half of the year. A lot of things have gone on in our lives that ‘should’ make us very tired and not willing to go on many things have also gone on that we supposed to be grateful for but many times, a lot of things overwhelm us that we forget to count our blessings. Therefore, it could lead us to doing things by our own strength in making sure our goals work and all meanwhile God is telling us to just rest (which doesn’t mean that we won’t work but this means calling on God to help us as we work and involving Him in our work and drawing strength from Him daily).

Last year, I had finished the mandatory National Youth Service Commission (NYSC) Scheme, as prescribed by the Nigerian Government. After I had finished, I wanted a job so I set out on getting a job. I had called almost everyone I had known that was in a position to help me out but all to avail. I went round my town to submit my CV as well as sending them via email to various companies both within and outside the country. I started to grow weary and tired until God reminded me that I was depending on my own strength and not on Him. Inasmuch as I was going up and down trying to make things work, I found out that it had yielded no fruit and God gave me various scriptures that made me learn to depend on Him and I will share one here. Psalms 23. It starts with ‘The Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need (GNB)’ and then God asked me, ‘If I am your Shepherd, why do you feel you are lacking anything because you do not have a job?’ and then I realized how much I had wanted to be my own Shepherd and have already taken the wheel of my life. From then on, I sought to enjoy the Grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Love of God and the Sweet Fellowship of the Holy Spirit that abides; while basking in this, I was just resting in God, seeking Him on places I am to apply instead of just applying randomly, being hopeful and getting my hopes dashed.

In May this year, I had travelled to go spend some time with a family friend and then a friend of mine who owns a company just chatted me up and told me I was highly recommended by someone to come work for him. I was astonished and that was how I got my first job. I got it without applying for it. I got it by just resting in God and trusting Him to lead me on and on and on.

To be sincere, we can try and do things by our strength and it may work out but there will be many mistakes and weightiness of heart and sometimes, we could even get depressed but I want to let us know that there is a better way (which may not necessarily be the easy way but because God is in it and we draw strength from Him, our journey will be smoother)…

© Chukwudi Isaac

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