The Door to World 7 (Part Two)

Time passes whether you want it to or not, the delicacy of time itself can sometimes be forgotten. Opportunities to make a change can sometimes be overlooked, or ignored entirely at first sight, but the feeling of a door opening right before you, will always leave your heart wanting more, once you take the first step through it.

The door to a new world opened right in front of us, my brother stood there, frozen in place, I could see the overflowing awe in his eyes, it was like seeing his past self again. Like usual I was the one to push the cart into motion and with a cheeky kick I tossed my brother into the door before us.

With a leap I flung myself into the arms of destiny. The rushing of wind, the calming of daybreak, the thrill of vine surfing through a valley. I’ve never felt so alive, my brother having the time of his life surfing to and fro through a valley we have never seen or heard of, it was like fate called us to this world.

Bloated winged creatures came to our side as we were zooming through the valley at sonic speed, Dante was somewhat freaking out at first sight of these things, soon enough we became friends of the strange creatures and they let us know that this place is named Alpo Valley, a quiet area for these bloated creatures, though they never really told us what they are or what they do here, but we paid no mind to it.

This world was starting to become a home to us, the sparkle in my brother’s eyes got brighter every second, slowly we began to forget the world we were born in. We kept moving on, the bloated creatures told us to visit the village past the desert and as always, I was thrilled and was quick to make the first step but this time my brother followed along without the need to reason with the idea, my face gleamed but deep down I felt something was wrong, a separation had begun.

The scorching heat, melting my brain. Every second, I felt my life slipping away in the sunlight. I diverted my eyes to the side, only to see my brother marching through the sand, taking in the everything the sun could throw at him.

Exhausted, I found myself to be on my brother’s back and the two of us continued heading into the middle of nowhere. An hour had passed, two travellers heading towards the village crossed our path, my brother decided to approach them, while he was having his little chit chat, I looked onward and to my surprise large beetle like insects were approaching us, at first glance it instantly brought my body back to life and I sprinted towards them like a kid chasing after an ice cream truck.

One moment we are walking through a dry land, and the next we are dashing through the dessert like no tomorrow, screaming in excitement, squashing down every scorpion that stood in our way, I felt like I was the queen of the desert.

In a short while, I could see a small village near an oasis, with the sign Turkle Village, my brother could not comprehend my excitement at that very moment.

The endless sounding of a tropical luscious beat sinks into my ears as we walked through the village. Orange bodied, partly black furred creatures with strange headgear approached us in a shy manner, with a burst of energy I greeted them with the classic handshake, but i only got an odd look towards my gesture eventually they followed along with my gesture.

Soon enough we had begun talking with one another, they escorted us to another part of the village, but along the way they mentioned that they were Turkles, a rather strange but unique name at first hearing. We blindly followed their lead not aware of where we were going, once one of the Turkles pulled back a large leaf, my eyes widen, and my brother lost his composure for a moment, frozen in place I could only utter a few words that described the scene before me “ice cream heaven”.

The fun never ends, we sled down a chocolate covered mountain, dove down a pit filled to the brim of multiple flavoured ice cream, of course later we chowed down on some sundaes recommended by the Turkle people.

As the evening approached, we were escorted to rooms prepared by the villagers. Without hesitation I leaped into bed, with my brother on the opposite end of the room, a few moments later I found myself fast asleep.

That same night, my brother kept nudging me awake, only to tell me that fireworks not far from us were lighting up the skies, I instantly sprung out of bed, and was the first one out the door. I kept begging Dante to hurry up, as his naturally a slow walker, minutes later we finally arrived on Junkie Mountain.

The two of us sat down on top of the mountain, looking towards the fireworks, then later played find the constellation. I shortly, realised that the two of us have never been this close for a long time, I kept remembering all the times he was away from home, leaving me to adventure on my own, although, part of me felt like being in this world was too good to be true.

A strange feeling started brewing on the inside of me, one I wasn’t quite familiar with. “Let’s head back home” I uttered, Dante was taken aback by my words, but I felt like this whole adventure was based on wanting us not to grow up, a selfish reason that grew over time.

“I’m free here” Dante said, while looking up at the stars, taking in the fresh breeze, but those words brought only further doubt as to whether we should’ve opened the door to begin with.

This concludes part two of The Door to World 7.

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

© Roderick Lukenge

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