The Door to World 7 (Finale)

Desires are birthed from the heart, one must take what is given. To demand more is to slowly tear apart the heart that granted your wish, trampling over a dream that was once birthed on your behalf.

Throughout this world, I came to realise something irregular, something that didn’t settle deep inside me. This world seemed to have the answer to my yearning wishes, ones that I did not think were even possible to achieve.

Dante on the other hand, did not seem to be moved by this strange occurrence but rather embraced it, he seemed to have had a change of heart of some kind after the conversation we had up on Junkie Mountain.

This worries me…The longer we stayed here, the further away the thought of going back home drifted from our minds. It’s as though we were being distracted by each desire that was materialised right before us, but our hearts yearned to return to the world we were most familiar with.

Time felt slower here. I woke up to the reality that this world was just a reflection of selfish desires stored deep inside my heart, I tried convincing my brother over and over of this truth…At the last cry he finally woke up, his eyes darkened as the truth sank deep into him.

A wave of fear seeped through the cracks of the room, a rushing down of misery flowed through our bodies, as we looked through the window the villagers had vanished, purple fluid filled the path, no matter how loud I screamed my voice could not be heard.

Dante scoured through our belongings in hopes to find some way back to the real world, he managed to find the book that led us here, but to our surprise the pages contained inside the book were empty, our eyes turned to grey along with any shred of hope that we had at this time.

And so, the timer had begun, the ground shook as we left the bungalow, making our way out of Turkle Village, but the moment I looked back I could not see a single trace of the once bursting with life village, despair filled my heart but I turned my back and we continued onward.

We ventured through the dark stormy desert, as we went further thick mist surrounded us as we pressed on. We had no way of knowing where to go, but we kept believing that we will make it back to our normal lives, back to a time when we could just be explorers.

Days had passed, after surviving through the mist, purple coated abnormally shaped creatures appeared, surrounding us at every turn. Despite being weak Dante protected me, as we made our way back to Alpo Valley.

We finally made it. The door stood in front of us, as lurking creatures of the desert were holding us back, the will to survive burned inside us, but what happened next changed everything. I made it through the door… I leaned over to catch my brother’s hand… Time ran out, the door slammed shut in front of me, my eyes shrunk, as I laid there in disbelief.

Is this all my fault? Why did this have to happen? Every question I asked myself led to a dead end, the time we shared, everything faded away.

To be continued in Broken Soul.

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

© Roderick Lukenge




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