A Promised Wish (Part Two)

Tears roll down my face as joy seeps through every part of my body. The jungle’s prayer has now been answered, the time of appointing is here at long last.

Yet a slither of fear settles in my inner most being, no one is aware of what leadership we will soon be under once we are united with the chosen one, will it be overflowing wisdom like the eagle or devastating like a tiger digging its teeth into its prey, only time can tell.

As I mentioned prior at the beginning of this story, I am one of the four overseers of the Thailand jungle, I was once a human but was cursed to live out my life as a blind Agile Gibbon. Over the years, with a sturdy eye I’ve guided this jungle, using wisdom as my weapon to steer the inhabits away from all incoming evil.

A spirit of purity had made its way to the jungle’s shore, looking from the tree tops I perceived a lion cub that broke free from a wooden container, I continued to observe its movements, the lion cub went over to shattered glass to gaze at itself, but the moment of peace was soon broken with a booming roar emitting from the jungle’s core.

The lion cub scurried off into the jungle, I followed the narrow path it took, only to see before me that the notorious Dholes had chased the poor creature down to their den. Panic filled the young lion’s eyes, a sight that is rare to see among their kind, cornered with no way out and only seconds away from death, the trumpet sounded.

Instinctively the Dholes ran towards the sound of the trumpet. Curious, I went on ahead to see what all the commotion was about. To my surprise, a strange child had summoned the animals of the jungle, some said among themselves that it is the child of the woman who had cursed us long ago.

Moments later, the lion cub whom I observed earlier entered the scene, Nozomi another lion cub who was placed under our custody not too long ago was startled by the lion’s appearance.

The child opened his mouth and said these words “The words of the past have come to fruition” he boy opened his eyes and looked intently towards the pure lion cub, he went on to utter these words “join with your other half and take your place as leader of this Kingdom”  he pointed the stick he carried towards Nozomi, who at the time stood among the other lions.

And so, pride and purity were joined together that day in hopes to create harmony in this broken Kingdom, my job is far from done.

This concludes part two of A Promised Wish.

Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash

© Roderick Lukenge

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