A Promised Wish (Finale)

I was once a child, being by the side of my mother, but despite all the love she bestowed upon me, I still demanded more. I was torn away from her because of my greed, cursed to be an overseer and live as a Sarus Crane in the east side of this jungle.

The two chosen to bring peace to the Animal Kingdom, each wield a force though they may clash with one another, as a single unit they hold incredible power. With my sharp vision, I perceived a greater purpose dwelling among them.

Our fears are yet to be address, but I feel that soon the answer will become clear once the two of them fight as one.

Lavi contains the power to nurture and comfort those in pain, purity truly flows through him just as the sage’s boy had said. Nozomi is quite the opposite, he stores the warrior’s spirit, carrying courage and braver, proving yet again what the child had said.

However, despite the child’s words, the two did not mix well, with Nozomi not wanting to join hands with Lavi due to him being soft. Regardless of the many tries from Lavi, Nozomi continued to walk alone and went on to bring peace to the Jungle alone.

It was only until Nozomi got to the gate that leads to the Jungle’s Spirit that he alone could not open without Lavi. Seeing that it would be impossible to go on alone, Nozomi sought for Lavi’s help and at long last agreed to use his power alongside Lavi’s to bring peace to the Jungle.

Both Lavi and Nozomi had travelled through the Jungle’s Spirit, they stumbled into the Old Sage who had cursed the Jungle in the past, after a long drawn out battle, the two warriors were at their last legs, they were at the mercy of the woman’s magic…

But there was an old proverb my mother used to say, “Weeds of the past never fade, only until they’re killed from the roots.”

And that is what had taken place, the ancient woman had been stricken down, the brothers had used their hidden power and unleashed it upon the sage bringing her down once and for all.

However, through the death of this woman it did not end the curse. No, it only angered the one who originally brought it upon us, the final words of the old woman were “the oracle is the one you are after.”

And so, the journey of the brothers continues, there power will fix the wounds and fill the voids that this Kingdom has endured for several years, one day we will live in peace but I am truly pleased with what the future will bring.

May the heart of this jungle travel with you young heroes.

This concludes A Promised Wish.

Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash

© Roderick Lukenge

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