Happy End (Part Two)

The drop of a tear can be a sign of hope, a sign of peace or even overflowing joy. As you know sadness is not a stranger to me, my memories reflected through the black flames has shown this.

Though depression may have left me blind, the breath of life continues to flow through me giving me another day to count my blessings.

My mind continues to fight reality, the voices of people I was once so acquainted with have turned against me.

Loss has taken physical form, looping constantly causing my conscious to be thrown out of balance.

But like most things, nothing lasts forever.

People always say things will get better and that things happen for a reason, long ago I wouldn’t dare listen to such words, but it was such words that have carried me through this dark hour of mine.

The Black flames transformed the image of my father into a physical form, for the first time in a while I was able to see my father for who he was.

My father is a sad man, living a life filled with regrets. He wept for hours, begging for forgiveness, he told me that the ornament he gave me was to help me see the best in life since his own was a tragedy in and of itself.

In the end, my father gave me these words “once the ornament has shattered, you get the chance to live life again”. The tears that streamed down my face were of joy knowing there’s a way out of this deep depression.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I am one step closer to my happy end.

Image by confused_me from Pixabay

© Roderick Lukenge


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