Happy End (Finale)

The break of daylight shines upon my face once again, I crack a smile. Finally, I leave this empty shell of mine and walk through a new path that my mind has created.

The journey ahead is long, that I know too well, but I don’t care. I take my first step into joy, I find it strange, after being in a constant state of depression, my body does not know how to act with this sudden joy.

I continue walking, and hear the joyful noise of barking nearby me, I take another step forward and hear children playing on the swings, a strange warmth is felt overwhelming my heart.

I realise that I’ve missed so much, I’ve at last woken up and can now see the sun that beams so happily in the sky. The life that the ornament once gave me, I realise now it was robbing me of what was truly surrounding me.

Before I was not able to see the sun beaming upon my skin, or the children that fall over clinging onto their ice cream. I was blind to the reality that was before me and saw only an illusion of what my mind truly wanted to see.

I took a deep breath in and went back home. I unlocked the door and it squeaked loudly. The dust in the room landed on my face, but I couldn’t stop smiling, for me I was not able to see dust or things becoming old and weary, only the shiny and brand new filled my eyes.

Some may call the house I entered to be old and not fit for a human to live in, but I felt happy and fulfilled.

A year had passed. I found a new lover, one to take me into her heart with not a single sign of judgement towards me in her eyes. We shared stories and laughed at the oddest of things.

I looked towards the sunset and a tear streamed down my face, I have finally found my happy end.

Image by confused_me from Pixabay

© Roderick Lukenge

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