Hidden Secrets (Part Two)

Trip Around Time

The desire to be free is what we all rightfully demand from life, these chains that I once carried while walking down a path that was filled with continual disappointment, will be broken at the time I discovered this blanket’s power.

It was only through time travel were I could see a fresh perspective of my life, I could finally see that these events that took place in my life can be altered for my benefit.


However,  the thought of losing the people I have come to know in this life and who I have become was a struggle to ignore, regardless, I chose to carry out my plan to bring about a better not only for myself but for those that have stuck by me for all these years.

The blanket took me back to Pent Town, the place where I grew up before heading out to Voltron City. It’s been a few years since I last walked through this town, but its nothing like how I remembered it to be.

The people that roam around seemed to be exhausted, along with the atmosphere being stall and the town looking more run down than when I was last here. On every corner of the town, there would be at least 5 or 7 towns folk that would beg for money, some even had children that they trained to pickpocket just to buy a small bottle of water.


The Pent Town I was once knew had a vibrant feel to it, entertainers would fill the streets and not a single beggar could be found, everyone there would treat you like family, I almost felt terrified to leave such a blissful place.

As I walked through the town, I overheard someone mention today’s date, which I gathered I was 10 years in the past, exactly three years before I decided to leave home.

With this information I hurried back home to find myself in this time zone, along the way I heard talk about an overbearing authority figure that would visit the town every now and then to collect the towns riches and take their ‘lesser’ children to serve the man in charge, some even said that the guy would even give out jail time to those who even looked at him funny.

A King Overruled

Despite hearing all of this, I went on my way to my home. I watched closely through the mirror, reliving the nightmares that I experienced in this home. My parents constantly gave me orders to go here and there, sweep this and sweep that giving me little time for myself.


It was all done to make me their ‘perfect child’ though I never knew the overall purpose of such labour that was given to me at the time. Regardless, I proceeded onward to talk to my younger self but before then, a young man appeared at the door.

The young man commanded my parents to hand over their riches or to give away their ‘lesser’ child to serve the king. I shook my head knowing that my parents would easily hand me over to the young man, but to my surprise my father stood and protected me, saying “The King has already placed us under judgement, we are to be with our daughter until she has reached a state of perfection, if we fail he has our heads, please have mercy on this family”.

I stood in fear as I lean back on the house wall, hiding away from the man’s sight,  the man at the door gave my parents exactly three years for them to present me to the king, which gave me enough time to put that plan into dust.

Partners in Crime


It was at this time that I ventured off to the king himself, in hopes to take him out and save the families in Pent Town, along the way, I encountered a guy named Emil who was at around the same age as me, and also carried a blanket of his own.

We quickly became fond of each other as we shared the same goal in taking down the king and our love for adventure. Unanimously we devised a full proofed plan that will not only take the king off the throne but also leave the palace in ruins.

Emil said he came from a resistance camp not too far from my home, he led me there and we all gathered our creative minds together to make a ginormous explosive that’ll be placed on a cart ready to blow at the back end of the palace, with myself as a distraction to both the guards and the king, while Emil leads the resistance through the palace underground.

Once the plans were set, we all called it a day and went to bed. Throughout the night I had waves of distortion tingling my body, reminding me that I wasn’t in my proper time zone. Regardless of how much time I had in this time zone, I was determined to bend time in my favour and not allow anyone or anything to dictate my destiny.

This concludes part two of Hidden Secrets.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay 

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