Frozen Tricks

The tricks of an old man are quite plain and simple yet lavished with great knowledge and an unending flow of gratitude to one’s life. Change is something most do not appreciate, yet often times it’s the only way to move forward in life, a change in time, a change of mind, but the paths we walk in life are changes that cannot be ignored and often times they cannot be reverted.

As an old man myself I’ve yet to understand what love is about, I’ve often times cheated my way through it and quickly became the man every woman pushed away. I may come across as someone who’s ignorant or dishonest, but I can tell you that I know how this love game works.

We live in a society that’s filled with people walking around with broken hearts, no one is whole or satisfied, love is a mystery now that only few truly understand and venture into.

I explored through it many times in my life, but each time a chunk of my heart would be taken and thrown to the wayside, this only served to turn me into a man I never thought I’d be.

I was a tricky bugger in my day, I never grew tired of playing on the mind and the rush of it all never seemed to bother me at all. We all have something to bring us pleasure, but for me there wasn’t much to excite me, I often repaid others who approached me with kindness with rejection and I carried a pride that stank for miles.

Old folk never see themselves as the ones who are in the wrong, and so that was the personality I carried for years. At times I blame my father for not being around as often to teach me how to respect the women around me or something more mundane as tying my shoes.

I learnt on my own, I found my own way in life. Mother didn’t care as much as to what I turned out to be, or where I was going, it was always, she never respected father whenever he was around, I blame her for his absence.

This world creates its own monsters. It’s true what they say, marriage is not for everyone and certainly not for an old fool like me. I tried my hand in it, the last woman I was tangled with tried to change who I was, and she succeeded.

As a transformed man I gave it my all, well to some degree anyway, but she turned on me and ran away with our only son. I was devastated, slipping back to old habits and pushing everyone near me away.

I didn’t choose to be this way, the world I grew up in formed this life for me. I had talents and dreams, but no one noticed them and those that did they’d use them for their own benefit.

Never forget, a trickster never changes, but we each have a story to tell that led us to that point in life.

Don’t judge till you hear what we have to say.

This concludes Frozen Tricks.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

© Roderick Lukenge

Twitter: @TrueGiantPanda

Wattpad: TheSpokenPanda

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