A Hero’s Debut (Part Two)

Midnight Enters

We continued onward in our travels to Midnight’s Cove, though worry filled my heart knowing well that her place is vast and is home to some of the vilest creatures throughout the Land of Maar, regardless we moved on treading lightly as we got closer to the Cove.

It took about a week or so to make it to our destination, once inside the smell of blood was in the air, I was curious and searched for where the smell of blood emanated from and to my surprise a pile of dead monster corpses was round the corner, stacked on top of each other readily available for the taking, unfortunately for us it was blocking our path forward and so we needed to take a detour.

Suddenly, we were attacked by creatures known as Electromites, they are known to hunt and take down high leveled monsters/ humans in the Land of Maar and bring them back to their caller which in this case is Midnight.

I fought profusely against them, leaving only a few potions left in my inventory to last the rest of my journey, however, while walking onward through the Cove I could sense multiple targets glaring towards my position from among the shadows, this ominous feeling I had could only mean that the Children of Midnight were close by.

Moments later, one after another each of them revealed themselves and swooped down tearing me apart and leaving me in a room filled with poisonous air, I used all but one potion to keep myself going in this battle of survival.

The Children of Midnight mocked me to no end and continued their attacks one after another, but then they fled the scene with no explanation as to why, and what replaced them was an enormous aura enveloping the room, I looked up and before me was Midnight herself.

She walked to my direction slowly, glaring intensely as if she was staring into my soul, with as much energy as I had, I crawled to the back of the room paying no mind to the amount of pain I was in from the attacks earlier.

My back was up against the wall as she stood there but before she could say a word the baby, I left on the horse cried aloud, throwing her off guard.

“What is your business here?” Midnight spoke with great concern, I told her of the Ember baby’s prophecy and that I was instructed to deliver the child to her to rid this world of the judgement ahead. Her face changed instantly as I voiced those words, she took a few steps back “The Three Nights of Terror” she said whispered to herself, I stood up from the ground but then she turned to me with a rather downcast look on her face uttering the words “this world is finished”.

Nights of Terror

Midnight escorted me over to her throne room as she spoke of the three nights that changed the Linx World for years to come. The Nightfall Dance is said to be the key to each of the nights, though for a long while not many were sure of who was passing on judgement upon the people, but it was after the third night of turmoil that affected the whole world, that the person responsible for this great catastrophe to the world would be revealed, his name is Zulifer.

She went further to say that the Draglet (Ember baby) that I’ve been carrying was born on one of these dreadful nights and is only waiting for its time to become the predecessor of the Ember Dragon, as this is a common practice done throughout the course of history.

It seems that parts of the prophecy told by the Draglet were true though it would be due to Zulifer’s magic for it to come to pass. Midnight informed me that she plays no part in bringing destruction to this world but Zulifer would be the one that will take control of her children to use them to broadcast a warning to the people of the Linx World.

She went on to mention that Zulifer has chained her to the Cove with his magic which has bound her from ever leaving her throne to warn the people. Zulifer has also fed into the minds of the people the false telling of the prophecy and has appointed people throughout history to spread this version of the prophecy to others, making his true plan to come to light with no one to put an end to it.

However, Midnight is aware of his weakness that lies in the Umper Tomb, the place that Zulifer awoke from. She instructed me to take the Draglet to the tomb and gather the keys that have been sealed there, after doing so she told me to abandon the child inside the Tomb and take the keys to far land of Varu, the place she expects Zulifer to be, with the keys in hand they should weaken him enough to open a way to end his life for good.

Though I fear that may not be enough to end this ordeal.

This concludes part two of A Hero’s Debut.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

© Roderick Lukenge

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