A Hero’s Debut (Part Three)

Valley of Kata

We set off towards northeast of the Midnight’s Cove, thanks to Midnight’s words of instruction and her recollection of past events I was fully prepared for what was ahead of me and what I was in for when I met the vengeful Zulifer.

From this point forward I was entering unknown territory, the Valley of Kata is said to be place cursed with everlasting snow after the great sins the people committed long ago against those that sit in high places above the valley.


This valley was once a flourishing place, it was common to go here for rare minerals and potions not seen anywhere else throughout the Linx World, unfortunately, the curse made it impossible to travel through the valley which ultimately made this valley to become invisible to the entire world.

Regardless, we travelled into the perilous valley hoping to get through it before nightfall. The Umper Tomb lies ahead of us with only a few nights of travel, luckily for me, a few monks living in this valley spotted me and took me in.

The monks who were also magic users taught me a sacred technique that’ll help me against perilous weather conditions, it took the whole night to finally understand the method, but once I got it, I was set to head back out into the valley.


Upon approaching the bridge that connects to the Land of Farlon, a young springy and an extremely carefree lady approached me yielding a large blade on her back, her name was Frayer Hill.

Frayer spoke many words at a quick pace, from a quick glance I could tell that she was not well versed in the arts of magic though she did not seem to take any notice of the great snow surrounding us.

She would often gesture while talking to me and make jokes that she’d find hilarious, but I’d find extremely annoying. Her immaturity eventually got the best of me but despite the many attempts to get away from her she’d always find or catch up with me.

With Frayer on our side, she possessed knowledge of the area I was heading into to get to the Umper Tombs, while also carrying advanced swordsmanship skills enabling her to fend for herself if the need arises.

Land of Farlon

Now in the Land of Farlon, we made it to a small village, Frayer suggested that we stay there for a while to rest up, we stayed there for quite some time and even had a few meals.


While we were there, the people here seemed unsettled and continually looked over at the volcano that was not too far from their village. We learnt that during the dark ages of the Linx World Zulifer was enthroned and controlled the Linx World for a brief amount of years, though during those years many were enslaved and those that did not comply their place of residence would be destroyed by Zulifer’s hands in any way he’d wish.

The volcano in this village signifies Zulifer’s dethronement and the aeons of silence that came after, however, I was quite aware that Zulifer lives on thanks to Midnight’s recollection, but I could not put such despair upon the people of this land.

And so, it’s up to me to bring back that peace, not only to this land but to the Linx World.

This concludes part three of A Hero’s Debut.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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Image by Hermann Schmider from Pixabay

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