Without You (Part One)

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Life’s a Trip

Every single person has that special someone, but what makes them so special? Is it their smile or the way they dance or maybe it’s just their presence alone that brings a burst of joy into the room? One thing is absolutely clear, winning someone like that over is hard but keeping them around is where the true test of love comes into play. friendship-2156172_1920 That precious someone can change your life; don’t squander the moments you have with them or take for granted their place in your life like many others have done with theirs.

Life for me is a trip, walking down the same road and seeing the same old couple as I get to school each morning, I go through the same boring routine every day but if things were different, I’d just feel more out of place than I already do.

Everyone here treats me like I’m invisible as if I don’t matter at all. Life at school is even worse, all the students here look at me weird and I’m the joke of the class, life never gives me a break.

I just turned 17 and I already hate the thought of becoming an adult. There’s already so much to think about and not a lot of time to process it all or do anything else, I miss the days when I could do whatever I wanted with zero judgements waiting for me at the end of the day.

Adulthood might just be the worst.

Young adults are never taken seriously and so many expect way too much and offer way too little.

Can I just stop growing?

Dear Diary

female-865110_1920 Vanessa here, it’s another boring day. Ate some breakfast and while I glanced at the TV some moron on the news tried to run from the cops after a robbery close by my town.

Some people are just born to be idiots.

I walk life alone most of the time, my trust for people in this town has really gone down the drain, people can be scummy and unreliable and just straight up rude, that one kid from class still owes me a pencil…

That’s what I get for being nice.

Okay up till now you’ve just heard me whine and complain, but like everyone else I have happy moments, like that one time when I went fishing with dad at the lake… and somehow made a fish bump into our boat and nearly got us drowning.

Um, maybe that other time when it was my birthday and we had a huge celebration over at Pizza Plaza, oh wait a minute only the kid who ate glue showed up.

You know what, forget I said anything.

Trip to Memory Lane

Now that I think about it, dad gets so busy with work and gets no time to hang out with me, we used to go to the beach every weekend and just have a goofy time together, now all I get is “we’ll go some other time” but that time never comes. parent-863085_1920 Oh god, I’m gonna miss the bus! Got to cooking class late for the 60th time ever, this teacher hates me I can see it in her eyes. The assignments for this class are insane, oh no keep giving us more, it’s not like we don’t have enough as it is.

When will this torture end?!

One bell ring after another and trips to the same old toilet, and soon Sports Day finally arrived and so did my allergies… of course the one and only consistent thing in my life rear its head once again.

Is summer done yet?

Meeting You

The rainy season is here, and though I’m stuck in detention for the next hour or so I just love looking at the window staring at the rain. If rain was a person it’d probably be annoyed at my staring or just up and vanish as most people do around me.

Oh, how I love the smell of rain.

The next day came around and I bumped into this really cool looking chick at lunch, I, of course, being an idiot spilled my water all over her, but she thought nothing of it and just went ahead to clean herself off, while I frantically grabbed a handful of tissues to help.

I think I made a friend today. pinky-swear-329329_1920 She said her name was Isabella, of course, I had to write it down a million times to get it stuck in my head, we’d talk on the phone for what seemed to be hours and always end up talking about turtles…

Things are finally starting to look up for me, got a new friend, went to see a movie and now I only have a couple of hours to get this assignment done before it’s due… I think I’m gonna fail this class.

Life with You

Winter! My favourite time of the year for one reason only, Christmas. Most winters for me I spend alone in my room wondering what other people are doing outside in such cold, but ever since I met Isabella she’s always wanted to hang out. christmas-3026688_1920 We went to see a bunch of movies, explore an abandoned house that one Saturday which was both dangerous and stupid…I still feel like a ghost is following me, but no one believes me!

Isabella is a strange one she bites into ice cream like its nothing and leaves the milk carton open after dipping it into her bowl, wait I swear its cereal first then milk…

I’ve been doing it wrong my whole life!

Like any good wholesome friendship, me and her fight a lot of the times but at the end of the day, we eventually makeup and forget about it the next day.

We explore the town as if we owned it, finding new turf to conquer and hopefully have enough money to get some ice cream, I absolutely need my daily intake of sugar or else I’ll be punching the walls till I get home.

Strangely enough, we both dream big and never stay quiet about it, even if it’s ridiculous at first, we eventually open up to each other. At times we just lay on the grass and stare up at the stars and just talk nonsense to each other.

Life is finally giving me something to smile about.

This concludes part one of Without You.

© Roderick Lukenge


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