Without You (Part Three)

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The lies I’ve told, the trouble I’ve gone through, the many changes I’ve had to make to get to where I am today are so many, yet life continues to test my strength, bringing me into a new chapter when I thought the book would end.

A Creep in the Night

Night hours really do creep me out you know, especially the sounds that are heard, the slight breeze that crawls into your bedroom when your eyes are half-closed and mouth wide open giving a free invite to any bugs around.

Ugh, I wish I lived on the moon…

The many moments I’ve heard a tap at the window with my mind shaken up thinking it was a creep but finding out shortly that it only a pesky branch interrupting my nightly thoughts.


Time ticks on.

I never thought that I’d see the death of my only friend, seeing her eyes fade and her body become cold, life without her really isn’t the same. The moments were shared, the laughs we had, the pictures we took together, all of it became hard to relive.

Days passed by but I could never forget what happened that day.

School Trip

Regardless of how I felt, my life had to go on and so my school organised a trip to the museum… Do teachers really think students like museums? Or maybe it’s just their way of punishing us for being a pain in class, either way, it’s another zero classes day for me.

I forgot how much I hate bus trips, this one guy on here just keeps screaming his lungs out after winning a game of cards and some girl closer to me picks her nose to no end.

Oh god, I think she just placed a ton of mucus on the back of a seat…

Argh! Get me off this thing!!

We finally got to the museum after a good three-hour journey, and to be honest, it wasn’t all that bad, I saw a good number of epic paintings I’m jealous that I can’t paint this good, sadly I won’t ever remember their names.



As the day went on a couple of students started ditching the trip to go to a festival nearby, of course, if I even thought of ditching, I’d get caught real soon real fast, I’ve never been the type of girl to be a stealth pro though I envy anyone who is.

Festival Time!

The evening rolled by and I was at long last heading home, though my night was far from over, surprisingly the festival had yet to be over and my party side was reawakened as I joined the crowd holding wine and a ton food in my other hand.

The music calmed my nerves, the food brought my body to heavenly satisfaction, I was having the time of my life being here and I could for a brief moment forget about what was going on in my life.


The police eventually came around to calm the crazy folk, but the rest of us didn’t feel like we partied enough and so we moved to another location and continued on with our wild selves.

Living Without You 

The night eventually came to a close, while walking back home with my somewhat drunk self I felt like something had changed in me, a fire that had just been ignited or a path in my life that has only just opened up, I may have lost her but it’s like she’s telling me to keep going and live a new life without her.


But I know deep down I’ll still miss you being around, especially for the moments that are ahead of me.

This concludes part three of Without You.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Malachi Witt from Pixabay

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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