I see a Leader in you

You’re not experienced in those role, although you are the last born but. I see a leader in you

You are legacy minded and although you make silly mistakes, your focus is beyond the now. But still, I see a leader in you

Legacy minded , on the shoulder of giants

Your vulnerable side reminds me that, there’s a soft side in you. We can relate more because you are able to understand my emotions and embrace them, even though they’re gibberish. Because of that, I see a leader in you

Your humility is something I aim for. Your selflessness and your willingness to serve those who are beneath you. In your humility, I see a leader in you

You maybe reserve and introverted but, you are an expert in so many things. When you allow yourself to be you, that’s when I see a leader in you.

Not all leaders are loud or super extroverted. Some just like simple things and enjoy peace. But, in their mind they have lots of ideas and plan.

Not all men want to be strong or be brave all the time. Let us remember that, it’s important to cry and vent when needed. Everyone deserves to be heard.

Don’t let your fears hide the leader I see in you.

Love Diana,
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