We call him vulnerable…

He hides behind it mask called pride and ego. Juggling between both ends. He’s afraid that you’ll see him in his natural form. Vulnerable and weak.

But men are not suppose to be weak.

Sometimes, he wants to cry but he worries too much about what others think, so he suppresses his emotions… Pushing them all the way to the bottom until, he feels nothing.

You see… Showing emotions is a weakness. It doesn’t say he’s manly…

But does vulnerability have a gender?

Is it masked in weakness?

His/her identity is hidden beneath society’s definition. It cries out for recognition as it’s wrongly accused of weakness.

It’s told to grow a pair or to man up, when the definition of a man doesn’t lie in his physical strength. It lies in restraint and focus.

We call him vulnerable but his true name is strength

Love Diana,


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