Rust Away (Finale)

Part One:

This world is filled with hurt, every corner you see a soul silent in their moment of pain, it takes the warm embrace of someone that truly cares and wants the best for you to free you from the chains that bind you, or at least put back on track.

Revival of Chaos

Nightfall is here but rather than being asleep I was roaming around the town thinking to myself of what my life will be like in the future, I soon found myself in the graveyard were Master Baron picked me up from, I searched and searched but could not find a single soul that could carry this heavy burden with me.

My mission to find a partner in this time of change was not successful but I left the graveyard remembering Master Baron’s words from last night which helped me to get through this hour of distress.

However, as I was leaving the graveyard knowing well that not a single soul or machine lurks here, but I felt like that fact was not entirely true…

Little did I know a red piercing light shun its way through a pile of garbage as I walked past it, from the corner of my eye I saw it but chose to pay no mind to it, assuming it was only my mind playing tricks on me.

I headed back to Master Baron to rest even though it was only four hours till the morning.

Peace vs War

The morning arrived, but I was rudely awakened by Master Baron’s panicking and his continuous footsteps around the room, I simply asked him what the cause of concern was, and he immediately fell to his knees confessing to himself that the world is coming to an end.

I instinctively looked out the window only to find that a gargantuan robot was ravaging the town, heading towards my direction blasting its way through the commotion.

Many lives were at risk and knowing that it was another Delta Model machine that may have followed me back from the graveyard, I felt like I was responsible for this catastrophe, I knew that I had to make things right before the public blames me for this tragedy

Since I was the only one in the public eye to know the machine’s weakness, I fought through the crowd in hopes to get closer to it, but I was quickly tossed to the side then surrounded by a number of people that suddenly blamed me for the destruction because I was in the same model series as the ravaging machine.

Many slurred their hurtful words in my face, while some outside of the confrontation tried to hand me over into the hands of the machine to stop the destruction happening in the town.

Turning Point

The ravaging machine made its way closer to my location, it was only when Master Baron stepped in to help me through the negative confrontation that I was realised from their hold. Master Baron spoke to the people and told them that I was the only one who could stop the machine but would require help to get close enough to shut down the machine.

The public eventually swayed to my side, seeing the good in me and offered their hand in the situation, many saw that I was not the same as the rampaging machine and grew a liking to me, making it clear to me that this change for machine-kind is truly possible.

With the rampaging machine in my sight, I initiated a connection between the two of us and gained access to its core systems, once there I found a message from my original creator that told the machine continues to destroy mankind, I found this to be odd but after digging through the machine’s memory bank I discovered that my original master transformed himself into a machine, in hopes to rid himself of his emotional attachments to the one’s he grew close to and retain his youthful appearance.

At that moment I felt a great disgust for my original master and wished that he could’ve used his genius for the good of mankind, but I also felt somewhat happy because despite his many wrongdoings he brought into the world a new species that can live among humans and animals.

And it was down to me to bring harmony between the species that live on this planet, and with that in mind, I shut down this machine and with it the memories of the past also.

World of Harmony

The once ravaging machine came to a complete halt, once I disconnected from the machine a great number of people came swarming to me to offer up praise and a number of them offered apologies to me.

I know now that I do have the power to make a change and even though I may be the only machine to have this goal in mind, I know that I can count Master Baron to walk with me on this new path to bring harmony to the world.

This concludes Rust Away.

© Roderick Lukenge


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