Time Cheated on me

Wasn`t it just yesterday I was asked to face my studies?

That Miss Girlfriend was nothing but a distraction?

That the fashion trend wasn`t much of my business?

That I only needed to attend a few parties?

I sent Miss Girlfriend packing,

I abandoned the fashion trend,

I ignored the party invites.

Same people came asking:

Who is your girlfriend?

Why aren`t you trendy?

Why weren`t you at the party?

But it was just yesterday you said…

Boy, now you`re a grown man.

You now need what you didn`t need that yesterday.

How did time fly so quickly?

I was only 10 yesterday,

How am I turning 30 tomorrow?

How did two decades pass so quickly?

Ah! Time cheated on me.

Time is cunning, swift, and unassuming

Time is no respecter of expectation,

Time is wild, full of surprises, and disappointing.

Time is a cheat.

Time cheated on me.

I checked on Miss Girlfriend the other day,

I told her to come back,

She said she had found a lover,

She said time was against her.

Time again?

Time is such a cheat.

Or perhaps I`m the cheat.

Maybe I cheated on myself.

Maybe I always did things at the wrong time,

Maybe I didn`t make the best of those twenty years,

How do I never know when to do what?

Dear time, I apologise;

I`m truly sorry time,

I wait to hear you say you forgive me.

Time says:

You spend time waiting to hear me forgive you?

Foolishness creeps on you again, young man.

That you breathe is proof that I forgive you.

Pick up your mat and work.

I say:

Ah! I won`t even spend any time thanking time.

My right actions are enough gratitude.

What have you got to do?

For how long will you procrastinate?

Or blame time for what you did wrong?

You keep spending time complaining against time;

Saying time cheated on you.

Time does not cheat on us,

We cheat on ourselves.