Long Way Home (Part Two)

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A Search for Peace

We run away from many things in our lives, forsaking the truth as we flee further away. the bliss that we end up seeing is peaceful for a little time, but then we realise that the peace we have gained does not fill the void nor rid us of the emotions that we still feel.

Captured Faith

Jamu and I have been walking through this Wonderland for some time now, it feels like hours since we had a decent meal. Many guards walk to and fro throughout the land, though they seem to be on the lookout for something, I continue to get stares from everyone around me.

Suddenly, the televisions in a store close by switch on, grabbing my attention immediately. A news report comes in speaking of a trespasser in Chestnut Woods, I was petrified then turned my head to the signpost on my left, those around me swiftly turned their heads to my direction with a few of them pointing and screaming to the top of their lungs to alert the guards nearby, I got a hold of Jamu and fled the scene.

Jamu shivers as he lays comfortably in my arms, while I’m on the lookout for an opening. The citizens of this world continue to search for us, passing us by without realising but then a strange presence enters the streets, a man of black armour is seen riding a horse baring a prestige aura.

The horse sniffs out my scent, citizens grab me by my sides presenting me to the man, just by looking into his eyes I fell down to my knees frozen in fear, without a single word the man signalled to his people to carry me to the dungeon over at the castle.

I’ve never felt so afraid.

Loyal and True

Tears roll down my face, as I remember each and every person, I’ve come to know in the world that I came from. Laying in this cell has brought a lot of memories to my mind that I thought were long gone, good and wholesome memories such as these are ones I wish would come often.

Only in times of solitude can we truly be grateful to the ones who are truthfully there for us.

With Jamu trapped in the cell across mine, I overhear the guards in the hallway speaking of an execution taking place in 24 hours for the trespasser, my heart started racing, it was only after looking at Jamu that I gained the strength to calm myself down and think of a plan to get us both of here.

Nightfall arrived, a guard came around to do his usual patrol routine, that’s when I signalled to Jamu to make noise to lure the guard and distract him for a while, I stretched my hand through the cell bars reaching for the guard’s keys dangling on his side.

With the guard growing tired of Jamu’s cries, I had only a few seconds left before this moment slipped away from my fingers. I grabbed the keys and kept them tucked away under the mattress, luckily enough the guard did not notice a single thing that happened at that moment.

Heavy Rain

Thankfully, my diary was not taken from me.

One, two, three. I unlocked my cell followed by releasing Jamu from his as well, we both made a run for it not knowing where we would go, the sirens sounded, and the guards came at us with full force.

We continue to run away from our sentence, searching for a way out of this Wonderland, with the rain pouring down so heavily as we ran but so was our determination and the great faith that both Jamu and I shared knowing well that we will find a way out of this world once and for all.

This concludes part two of Long Way Home.

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