Gratitude diary – week 2

I’m grateful for solitude.

Being alone isn’t something that everyone enjoys. We love to be surrounded by people we care and love. We love to be connected to those that we can learn from

I’m grateful for the times I had alone and the seasons where it was only me and God. I learnt the importance of true validation and about growth. It’s easy to get carried away by what we see on social media and measure ourselves against likes, retweets and comments. But, let’s remember that they don’t reflect our true value.

Solitude helped me refocus

It’s easy to be distracted by other things that don’t add anything to us. Things that will leave us empty or burnt out. I discovered that, when I’m restless that’s the time, I tend to need to rest in God more. It’s the safest arms to be

I underestimated the power of inner peace. The clarity and the joy it gives. Being still, slowing down and being at one with yourself. Asking yourself questions and trying to understand almost date yourself and check-in with the person you are today.

A lot changes in a week let alone a month. And as busy as life gets, it’s these moments you’ll cherish most.

If being alone with yourself makes you uncomfortable then, how do you expect to add value to others?

Are you intentional with what you do and say? Do you know how your presence changes the room?

Being able to observe yourself is key for growth and personal development. If you notice certain things trigger you, why not ask yourself why.

Not everything you think is true should be accepted.

Just because it’s a habit you’ve known for 10 years doesn’t mean it has to be the habit. You can change it today. You just need determination

Love Diana,


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