Long Way Home (Part Three)

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An Age Old Secret

Our human strength can be so fickle, the understanding of the world around us is limited, our futures are kept a secret, yet we were gifted at birth with a powerful weapon, that so-called weapon is our heart.

But like most gifts given to mankind, they are misused and the potential of it is never truly tapped into and so we walk onward as though the gifts we have inside of each of us are useless to us.

Until the day the light shines to reveal who we were created to be.

True Purpose

While the two of us ran towards north east of Chestnut Town, a voice baring a soft calm demeanour spoke to me as I held my diary tightly, the voice grabbed my attention so quickly and so I chose to hear.

It told me that this wonderland is a place of despair with rulers take and harness the citizens energy for their own deeds and that many have passed away due to such selfishness and unending greed.

Soul energy is required to keep those in higher places to remain in their positions and to build upon their kingdom in order for them to conquer other lands and repeat the cycle.

The voice went on to tell them that I possess a great power of my own, that being the diary that I carry but it withheld any further information about it. Although, it pleaded with me to take down these powers and free this land from its bondage so the sun may shine upon it like long ago.

I calmed my thoughts and accepted this mission, I will save Wonderland from this ruin.

A Change in Power 

Jamu and I sneaked through the Castle’s sewer system, with hopes to not alert any guards that may be on the other end. Soon enough we managed to get into the castle’s dungeon area, whilst we were there, we heard many voices screaming for help, instinctively I searched the area and found many imprisoned while others suffered many lashes for the crimes they committed.

I searched high and low and luckily enough I found a master key, laying in the leader guardsman’s dorm, moments later I freed several people from their imprisonment and with their help they told me of a secret room rumoured to have information on the leader’s plan for this land.

Lurking through the shadows a saw a dark figure approaching me from the corner of my eye, immediately I unlocked the nearby door and entered praying deep down that the figure did not notice me.

Destiny Diary 

Inside the room, I realised it was the place that the prisoners had spoken of, as I was looking through the documents scattered all over I discovered a note referring to a Destiny Diary.

Everything cleared up, my eyes awoke to the truth, the diary I carried was one that held the power to change destinies or create new ones.

The books in this room spoke of how thousands had carried this same diary but were overruled by their lust for power and their desire for control.

Moreover, as if by luck I picked up a note referring to the future plans of the Man in the Darkness.Who could this be? Is this the same man ruling Wonderland? Or could this be another man controlling everything from behind the scenes?

It’s up to me to find out the truth of Wonderland and bring a close to this strange ordeal.

©️ Roderick Lukenge


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