Long Way Home (Finale)

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A Graceful Fall

Everyday society paints a picture that we must follow which inevitably changes us into something we are not, the pressure and persistence that others have placed on us, their expectations have slowly taken root within our souls and created monsters deep within that we cannot tame.

“Your sin has changed you, uncover the mask that has held you back for so long and take the first step toward the long road to peace” a message recorded and played repeatedly deep within for our weary bodies to understand and change accordingly.

The Black Mask 

The documentations I have found lying in this room deep in the Knight’s Castle have taught me that the diary that gripped onto me at the moment I came to this world is beyond this world’s imagination, a diary capable of changing destiny with a simple drop of ink.

Upon further reading I found the notes speaking of a man wearing a black mask having a lust for control like many others have had long ago, but to obtain such a dream they needed the Destiny Diary, consequently making me a target.

I had devised a plan to rewrite history to evidently erase this man of darkness out of it which will put a halt to this cycle of control lust and bring about peace for others in this world, however before I could even place my pen on the page, an unbearable storm had occurred diverting my attention towards the window.

This storm brought a great feeling of unease to my soul, the atmosphere had changed instantly then suddenly I heard cries down the corridor, immediately I picked up the documents along with my diary and fled the room to find safety.

Outside the gates of the castle the man in darkness blocked my path, his aura alone left me frozen and Jamu was shaken up by his presence. Despite this unpredictable encounter the man paid no interest with me and proceeded to let me go my way, though he did glance in my direction for a brief moment noticing my bookmark chain dangling out of the diary, etching that moment into his mind.

Faith Prevails 

I made it to a town named Little Dune, fear filled the streets as the storm grew worse over the course of the night, slowly but surely it started to get harder to walk against the wind and with the many of the citizens rushing into their home’s loneliness began to settle in.

As I looked ahead, I noticed a dark figure approaching me and soon enough it was in full sight, of course it was just my luck to run into the knight from Chestnut Town, the one who imprisoned me to begin with.

It wasn’t too long before I started hearing whispers from the people of this small town, they kept saying Knight of Winter, but my attention was quickly brought back by seeing the Knight swing his large blade and his horse preparing itself for battle.

Without a word the knight dashed toward my direction at full speed, leaving me only seconds to react thus without thinking I held my diary up in front of me stopping him dead in his tracks as he had the tip of his blade touch the diary.

The Knight took off his head gear and pleaded greatly with me to forgive him and for him to join my side and take down the one who rules over Wonderland in the shadows.

Clearly I was perturbed by this request, regardless I accepted it and together we came up with the plan to trap the man in the shadows and use the diary to write him out of history.

Shifting Fate 

With the plan all figured out, both the knight of winter and I made our way back to the castle for the final stand off against the man in the shadows. We approached quickly to the door said to hold great importance in hopes that no one may open it, although the Knight knew the truth behind this door.

At once the Knight destroyed the door with one slash of his blade, in front of us we saw the man sitting down on a royal throne and glanced at us with his hands resting on the side of the throne.

“Algor” the Knight spoke the man’s name under his breath with great distaste towards him gripping on his blade tighter. Like before without a single warning the Knight dashed towards Algor forsaking the plan we came up with prior to this encounter.

Nevertheless, I took out the diary and began to write, staying far away from the fight in front of me.

The Knight fought profusely but Algor’s magic was far too great, eventually the Knight was on his last breath and just before Algor could finish him off, the Knight unleashed a final slash while Algor was glaring toward my direction, which in turn brought Algor down to his knees.

The tables were turned, leaving the Knight to put an end to Algor’s reign, however to our surprise Algor used his final standing to cast one last spell, ultimately ruining the plan for good and putting the Knight of Winter out of commission.

In a blink of an eye I found myself back in my home town with Jamu by my side, but no matter how many times I looked I did not find any trace of Wonderland or the Knight of Winter anywhere, not even Algor himself.

I was back in my home world but carried the pain of another deep in my heart, all I can do now is pray and hope that peace may once again rule that world.

This concludes Long Way Home.

©️ Roderick Lukenge


Image by aalmeidah from Pixabay

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