You told us ‘Bye’
You were off to the village
You came back after a week
Oge, Precious and I rushed to welcome you
You were so happy
You got us bananas, soursop, oranges and pawpaw
We ransacked your bag for some more goodies
You said you wanted to rest
From one day to two days to a week
Seemed like each week made you weak
Taken from one hospital to the other
You were placed on drip
You could not stand up nor do anything you wanted
We prayed day and night
Mummy cried, we were sober sometimes
Uncle Ebere was always there
Friends and family came through some days
But you were to weak to grasp what happened sometimes
I was 9; could not totally grasp it all
Our faith was hanging by a thread
I still remember the day
Just like yesterday;
We saw you come to the backyard
On your own; unaided
We were shocked and surprised
You smiled and we hugged you
We were happy and full of joy
And we are glad that that joy remains till date
With you being around us…
From then till now…
It’s been a great journey with you, Dad…

(c) Chukwudi Isaac

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