A Nostalgic Adventure (Part One)

Chapter One: Treasure Planet

Treasure is found in many places, some say its deep within our hearts or in the foggiest parts of our mind, some might need a map or a little push in the right direction to find what they truly desire but as for me I believe if you live your best life and treasure every moment and treat each day as a gift from above, that treasure you so desperately want will seek you out when the time is right.

Friday Craze 

Friday’s have always been the best time of the week for me, to me, it’s like cheery picking for the first time in fall with my father at the age of 5 or like blasting down an empty road with your favourite tune at full blast, truly Fridays are the best.


My name is Raven, years ago my mother walked out on us and for a long time we’ve had to work things out on our own, mind you its only my father and I that have to do all the heavy lifting. However, the situation has brought me closer to my father and now we do almost everything together but the downside to it all is that he always finds a way to embarrass me in front, my friends.

For two weeks we’ve spent our time in Downtown Salt Bed, but it turned out to be a trashy vacation since dad kept complaining to the room service after he got food poisoning one night, I never heard the end of it.

The rides were fun though, but dad was too afraid to go on them with me, but regardless of all this, I had to keep a smile on my face otherwise my dad will go on non-stop on how I should appreciate such moments like these.

~ Leaving Salt Bed ~

Its been about 2 hours since we left Salt Bed, hearing old tunes that only my dad finds pleasure in but for me, it was another form of torture to my ears, the traffic on the way back from home wasn’t helping either it only drove my dad to turn up the volume.

Although, in the midst of all this, it did trigger a past memory…

I recall the days when I was much younger when I would always beg the week to hurry along just so I can finally do what I want when Friday had finally arrived, for me such a day was like a gift.

Though not every Friday was a blissful moment, I do remember teachers handing out a lot more homework just for us to do during the weekend, but no one ever did it till the last moment on a Sunday night or even early Monday morning before school even began.

Fridays were like deserts eaten before the main course, I love them to no end, but as the years went on that excitement for it slowly dwindled and now it just feels like any other day.

Fridays were made to be a blessing, yet adulthood has somehow turned it into a curse, and now we work endlessly in hopes to survive another week.

Treasure Lust

On our way through Trixie Street, the traffic here was unusual to my father and to our surprise, a group of people were crowding the street mourning over the disappearance of a kid who walked into an abandoned train station.

In recent years this train station has been the talk of the town and rumour has it that many go in there searching for treasure, though no one has ever come out to tell the tale.


Eventually, we made it back home but the thought of treasure just lying there in that station never left my mind, and so that night I sneaked out of the house and went to the station myself.

~ Train Station ~

Standing in front of the place was terrifying, I could hear the bats screeching and even a few wolves taking shelter, this was clearly not the place for a child. I wonder why such a place like this attracts so many just for the sake of treasure and yet no one has ever walked out.

An Insight to the Past 

Walking through this strange place only served to fuel my lust for treasure, since I was always the one running through the house top to bottom in search for the X on a map that I drew, while also begging for my family to join in on the fun that I was having.

The memories of my pirate days are endless.


Time to Set Sail

Each room I opened I found little to nothing, till I found the head office which only had a map lying on the table, though once I got to that point the wolves gathered around me and prevented me from taking it out of the station.

Luckily, I owned a dog of my own and so I had a bone on me which I used to lure the wolves away from me for a brief moment and left the scene swiftly.

Despite the fact that not all the rumours were true about the station, I did however ran away with the map that leads me to the treasure talked about all over town, which leads me to a lonely island on the west coast known as Sunset Drive.

This adventure has just begun.

This concludes part one of A Nostalgic Adventure.

© Roderick Lukenge


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