The woman with many names

As part of self-promo week, the team will share a bit about who we are. Funny enough, it isn’t always easy selling oneself but, here goes.

I am Diana Kolawole the founder of this platform and I do a lot…

You can follow me on Instagram

I am coordinate TTC (Together Through Christ) and I also Design

I love poetry and simply exploring new things.

My first love is Jesus. I am blessed that I found him for myself and I cherish who he is in my life. Tomorrow is certain with him because he loved me first.

I am also Nigerian – the surname gives it away. As one who doesn’t really fit into the typical ‘naija-girl’ box, I have grown to love and appreciate cultures in general and learn to respect people no matter their background.

Identity is something that many struggle with and one that I’m still learning about. Whether it is my identity as a British , a black woman or as a creative. One of the things I learnt is that, our value doesn’t change based on what another person offers us. But, where we place it (our value) is important.

For me, my identity in Christ has been my rock since, he doesn’t change and his love is so unconditional. And it’s been amazing growing from love and accepting myself more each days.

As a woman with many names, building a Legacy is very important. Being a blessing onto others and finding peace with oneself is key.

How many love from insecurities? How many people actually love from a place of wholeness?

Hehe, sorry this is suppose to be a self-promo. I guess, what I can really promote is myself and my mind…

Love Diana,


we now have a instagram page

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