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A Fingerless Trail

Retrace your steps young one, look back to the river you last saw your reflection and reunite with the memories you left behind, rekindle the lessons that enlightened your heart long ago and don’t let them escape your field of vision on the path that is before you.

A Shell of a Man 

A troubled old fool like me knows what it’s like to be left to his lonesome, trapped in the clutches of another and brought to the place of beggary yet somehow salvation always felt like it was on the tip of my fingers but alas it never came.

An old man like me has gone through too much and now I am at a place where death is certain, bandits have captured me and have taken me into their desolate hideout only to torture me for my long dead father’s goods.

Being raised in a rich home is not an easy feat, though it does bare a thousand benefits, but many more enemies are born disguised as friends carrying masks to hide their faces.

You see, my only purpose for this journey was to discover an ancient land that my father failed to find, however, it was a cursed journey leading me only in the hands of those who despise my family to the bone and wanting their own evil desires to be fulfilled.

My vision was clear and sound before setting off on this cursed venture, yet no one not even my own sister Marisa could believe that I could become an explorer like my own father was.

Many have cast me aside and even abandoned me on the smallest of ventures but that did not take the flame that was burning within me to continue onward…That was until today.

Riding the Wind of Fate 

While being tied to this tree and covered in bruises beyond that I could ever bare has taught me that dreams take time to flourish and rushing beyond its timing is a fool’s game, a wise man must know his limit and work carefully to surpass it.

Recklessness only leads to destruction.

Though despite this turmoil, one must muster the strength to endure until the very end, for treasure is never easy to find and neither is the conclusion to one’s fate.

And so, with this resolve I must find a way to escape this stronghold and be reunited to the one’s who truly catered to my needs and longed for me to achieve the dream I held onto for many years.

However, I do wonder if I am truly on this journey alone and if so, how will this ordeal end, that is if there is an ending at all.

I pray for salvation to come to my side. “A life without direction is empty and has little purpose, one must always have a vision and the strength to pursue it.”

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Kranich17 from Pixabay

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