A Change of Direction (Personal Story)

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A Daunting Challenge

Following the leading of the Holy Spirit is not at all easy, but every time you choose to follow His voice it’ll always be for your benefit and leave everlasting results causing you to be closer to God despite the bumps you may go through along the way. 

I personally believe that a life without direction is empty and has little purpose, one must always have a vision and the strength to pursue it. 

It’s All About Sports

Being in the sports scene played a huge role in my life turning me into a competitive person (for the right reasons) and earning me leadership and co-op skills that still play a part of life till this day.

Taking part in various wheelchair sporting competitions and earning medals was enjoyable and it did put a smile on my face at the time, although the time came when college crossed my mind and for the longest time I wanted to be a sports man (whatever that is) but this desire slowly died as I deviated toward the thought of pursuing 2-D pixel animation.

I think the main reason for this choice was particularly the division I was experiencing inwardly, as while I was heavily focused on wheelchair sports I also wanted to be healed from my physical disability  (which I still do) so I felt like I was contradicting myself each time I prayed for healing since it was a huge inconvenience for me.

There was a time when I felt this so heavily during a sport competition while God spoke to me at the time implying that something bigger and better can take place if I let this go, thank God I did.

The Search

The only issue for me at the time was what to replace sports with, as many friends and even family told me that I was capable of achieving more than just being a sporty guy, plus I wanted to not heavily rely on my physical ability when it comes to my career.

During this time I watched a bunch of 2-D sprite battles like the one below, I found them to be quite entertaining and inspiring on top of that I felt like it was easy to do (which it isn’t) and with that cockiness I went for it and failed miserably.

It was still cool to try though…

Toward the end of the college I came up with a story that I titled A New Light and I always thought of it being a Japanese styled 2-D animation like Dragonball Z or Naruto, back then the story was not clear at all but I still dived into trying 2-D animation but only managed to get a little into the planning stage before it got too much to handle.

Plus I had zero drawing skills, so that was doom to fail even before it started.

While diving into this pursuit I loved playing video games (I still do) and wanted to try my hand at making a game but wasn’t quite sure what game design entailed and so I took a course at university that had multiple different avenues in the creative field that I could explore.

While at university before the second year came along, God spoke to me and directed my attention to 3-D animation which I loved the idea of particularly because it does not require drawing ability (sort of).

Riding the 3-D Train

And so here I am still pursing this endeavour and loving it, though before every project I ever did were not successful and made me lose passion for 3-D for a short time but during that moment I started writing short stories since I was (kinda still am) bad translating my ideas into 3-D art.

Animations like the one below kept me going with this pursuit and even watching movies such as Moana inspired me to go forward hoping things get better and that I can make something from this.

Finally, Panda Tales Studio came about recently a business idea that I plan to go with that offers a place for young people to grow as 3-D artists and have a Netflix-like experience providing diverse and inclusive short film animations and short stories that’ll be made in the future.

And so I’ll leave you all with this, try many things until you find what you feel is best for you and always listen to God and have faith that’ll turn out alright for you. I’ll see you all in the next post or video.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay

Super Smash Bros Z Video by Mark Haynes 

Agent 327 Video by Blender Animation Studio

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