The days are coming,
When the children
Can go out to play;
And dance in the rain.
These coming days,
Both father and mother
Will love each other
With all their heart
We’re all waiting for that day
That peace will reign,
Love will rule
And there will be no fear
The coming days,
Will produce true leaders
That have integrity
And are trustworthy
The days are nigh
When a man’s word
Will be taken as it is
For it will be true.

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

As I hope for these days?
I ask myself
Am I just hoping?
Or becoming the best
I can ever be?
Do I seek to be?
A loving father?
A caring husband?
A man of my words?
A leader of truth?
An enabler of peace?
For if I hope
But fail to act
I will impede
The success of

(c) Chukwudi Isaac

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