Lumps [Sub Story]

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The Story of Princess Marla Morrie

In age 345 long before the birth of Aria and the establishment of the kingdoms of the world, the forest welcomes its first princess into the world, before her family earning their stance into royalty, the day arrived when she shared a rather odd trait about herself with a few numbers of friends she had made in the few certain friends but soon found that itʼd pose as an issue for them to get used to.

Her oddity was known to cause truth to sprout out whenever she was overwhelmed emotionally, causing those around her to shy away and show distrust around her. Although, many sought her out as a tool for their selfish ambitions or bring about fame and fortune, giving off the impression that her quirk was nothing more than a curse, ultimately leaving Princess Marla to never show or tell of it again and hide away from those around her.

Despite her beliefs regarding herself, a young junior scout crossed her path one morning offering up a box of cookies but saw through her tears and chose to speak to her heart

“You carry the will to do good to others but you must first love yourself even if others may treat you differently.”

With those words Princess Marla took them to heart and chose to live by them from that day forth, allowing her to see that her power is bigger and can be used for good and that her quirk should not stop her from loving the true version of herself.

Later, she took it upon herself to cater it for the betterment of the forest, shortly she became a well-known figure amongst those around her and learnt many things along the way and eventually gaining the trust and respect she desired long ago.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Efes Kitap from Pixabay

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