Faith In Hope (Chapter Two)

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Switching Lives

~Central Port Darla – 11:15 AM~

Riding over to Port Darla felt like a breath of fresh air, seeing the clean streets and blooming flowers cleared my mind and even brightened my eyes. While roaming down the lonely road, I decided to take on painting as a means to air out my own emotions and dash my thoughts onto a plain canvas.

Holding up my canvas, I paint the expression of my name “Oriana Ruth.”

Although, the feeling of doing so felt great as I often wonder how the world looks like to my younger brother, whom I had to be separated, our final moments together was when we were out fishing with our grandparents, I only wish I had been more attentive to the way he felt within the family.

I only hope the choices we make along with the dusty, ridged and unclear roads we are going on end in beautiful pastures it’s like my grandfather used to say to us “fools dance in victory not yet assured, strength is complete once faith has reached the heart.”

I know the Lord that my grandfather used to talk about will help me through this rough, broken, emotional path that I walk on.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Erika Varga from Pixabay

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