Melody Burst (Chapter Two)

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Three months have now passed ever since Selena, and I discussed the rumours around the musical paradise. The two of us haven’t seen each other since then, creating a massive sense of doubt as to whether these rumours could be real or could ever be discovered.

I grew up within an African Christian home, prayer before digging into a meal and before leaping into bed was normality for us, and unlike my older brother, I continued following God.

I’ll admit that times at home weren’t always the best, considering the arguments I had with my father and partly with my brother but it overall built me up to be the man I am today, it was thanks to this intense love of jazz that kept my mood from swaying.

I would learn about jazz just about anywhere I’d go, from outside the superstore from the small jazz group to the church group I’d soon join up in secret to get my hands on a saxophone.

Moments like these remind me of what my grandfather said to me after seeing such passion I had for music “It doesn’t matter how long it may take for you to get there, your dreams are still within arms reach.”

Sitting in my room at night near my open window pondering these cherishing moments really brings a smile to my face, only till Selena chucked a rock with a message attached to it.

“Paradise awaits” is all that was wrote on the rock, though I wondered how she found my house, but I chose to ignore the thought and packed my things as quiet as possible to then make a break for it, leaving a note as my final mark.

Passion really does make you do some crazy things, we both ended up following a train to south Tetra City were we managed to gather more information on the rumours. This then led us to Retro Hill, a rather busy place even at night hours but from there we learnt about the passageway that can only be accessed by boat if one travelled through the Serpents Trail, a notoriously known lake thought to cause many who go through it disappear.

Unfortunately for us, the lake is only seen in Calano Valley, which was way out of our budget to get to not to mention many miles away from Retro Hill. We ended up using the rest of our money to check into an inn for three nights to come up with a plan to get to Calano Valley.

Giving up at this point is not an option for us, paradise is finally within our reach.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Jorge Guillen from Pixabay

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