Have you ever held the cloud’s hem?
Or touched the sky’s garment?
Ever joined the singing birds?
Or sang in tune with the canary?
What of the waving leaves?
Ever wonder if they get tired?
Ever wonder what gives the sun light?
Have you thought of where it leaves it shadow?
Ever wonder where the moon goes
After it casts it’s night light?
Ever thought of the twinkling star?
How small yet big each one is?
Ever thought of the flowers?
Who paints and give them colours?
What of the seeds that sprout?
Ever wonder how great comes from little?
Have you pondered upon the waves of the seas?
Howbeit they can be calm and tumultuous?

Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

What keeps the mountains sturdy?
How deep are their roots that they remain unshaken?
Have you ever thought of the rain?
Ever wondered how large heaven’s reservoirs are?
What of the moving breeze?
Ever wonder where it’s source is?
Ever thought of a baby?
Ever wonder what makes him smile?
Ever think of the courage of his first steps
And how beautiful his first word sounds?
Have you thought of how it came to be?
Ever thought of us being products of order out of chaos
Or products of the mind of a Grand Designer?
Maybe if we will sit and think
Just for a little bit
Of the beauty of what we have
And how it all came to be
We will appreciate everything
And the God behind it all
And know He draws beauty
From our lives
We will know He colours it with love
And oils it with joy and gladness
Bringing out a beautiful picture
A masterpiece of His divinity
So next time you sit and think
Dare to ‘Have You Ever…?’

(c) Chukwudi I.

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