The Day of Eden: Birth of Creation (Chapter 2) Part 2

The Garden of Eden

As Ace got up to continue on with the story I reflected on what he had said to me which took me back to how I felt before heading out of the orphanage, though before I could get any deeper into thought Catherine came round with a piping hot spaghetti meal which we all shared together.

We shared not only the meal but a few laughs here and there and even got to know a little more about each other but Ace felt a nudge on the inside urging him to continue on with the biblical story and so he did.

Ace went on to talk about a deceiver who had fallen from heaven, a place where God Himself resides, I really couldn’t wrap my head around the whole story and Ace didn’t really go into any depth about it so I saved the questions till later.

When Ace had spoken of God wanting to make mankind (scripture) it sorta reminded me of the time I wanted to build my own spaceship when I was a kid, though I gather it’s a whole lot more complicated than some lame spaceship, but to my surprise only Adam was born and it didn’t take all that long either (Genesis 2:8) well as much as I could grasp anyway.

As the story got to Adam taking care of the animals and the garden I could only imagine how much work that would’ve been and the thought of being around that many animals sounds like a ton of fun, Ace then noticed I had spaced out while thinking of that and flicked me back into reality.

The Temptation of Man

Once God created the woman to be with Adam he took a liking to her and both of them went hand in hand, perfectly suited for each other. However, as Ace went on I realised a dragon painted on the wall as Ace was telling the story, which Catherine referred to as the deceiver Ace had mentioned in the beginning.

The story took a sharp turn for the worst as the serpent spoke to the woman tempting her to eat the apple from the forbidden tree, which she had then eaten and given it over to Adam to also eat (Genesis 3:1-6)

Ace then stopped as he gently sank his head down and touched the last painting on the wall that had closed gates with two people walking away from it.

As I questioned hastily what had happened Catherine simply uttered that the two of them fell and had sinned against God (Genesis 3:10-24), Ace went into further detail speaking of sin always having a consequence.

Puzzled I asked what this story all meant and why he had told me this to begin with, which Ace pointed to my chest as he leaned in close.

“You want to follow your own rules, and be unto yourself unaware of what may lie ahead of you through your rebellion towards those who care about you and want only the best for you.“

That is what our sinful nature is, it cares not for your safety or wellbeing it only seeks to pleases your fleshly desires and disregards the consequences that come later, and that is what you are doing right now.

As he walked away, I remained in silence thinking through those words as they cut through me deeply.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay 

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