The Wilful Spirit (Finale)

Fresh Perspective

A long stride in the wrong direction can make a man sick to his stomach as they take note of the many diverging roads they could’ve selected along their path. Blatant disregard toward truth is like crossing a road knowing a car is closing in and shut one’s eyes to the pain rushing through your body; all that can be seen is delusion and persistence to not seek after truth.

The flowers of the field know what they need, and cheerfully accepts while some of mankind willingly rejects that which can save him. Perspective shifts motives, sparks emotions, but also provides a warning to prevent our future actions. All we can do is listen and observe the signs. Every fruit found on Earth is sweet and delicate when you first gaze upon them, but some are bitter when you sink your teeth into them, which once again introduces a different perspective on the matter.

By knowing the Lord’s will for our lives, we alter our frame of mind and learn to understand life from a divergent outlook. However, if we choose to go on without His guidance and love, we hurt ourselves and close our eyes from ever seeing the fresh perspective freely given to us through Christ alone.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Tep Ro from Pixabay 

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