Generational Shift

Today is no longer the same as yesterday; tomorrow will undoubtedly be different from today. A clear shift in time can be seen all around us, bringing men and women against one another, tearing down morals established by nobles, forsaking truth for lies and exchanging love for a counterfeit. Right is now seen as wrong, and wrong is seen as right, a change not anticipated.

Standards built on the shoulders of those who lived before us are being twisted. The vision has been switched out for another, making the future unclear. Fear runs the streets, and lust stands proudly in the town square, while the truth of these matters is kept at bay, only being voiced when a penny drops.

A generation that doesn’t know justice but instead creates its own rules on what is just while disregarding dishonesty. Laws become void, and chaos is freedom; lawless behaviour becomes the norm. Not many are ready for what will happen next, but only those who hold the truth of the future will be prepared to fight against the evil that surrounds us.

No one is guiltless for how the world is today. Accountability is for every soul. Each person has a role to play; some choose to remain silent, others voice out their concerns, but the multitudes decide to comply with these changes. Freedom is not assured in this generation; that which is given is fraudulent and can be easily swept away.

Only the Prince of Peace can quieten these raging waters and wipe away our tears.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Aravind kumar from Pixabay 

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