Heart Locket

This short story was originally uploaded to my website (pandatales.co.uk) for week 2 of the Write Along Challenge, based off the theme Fresh Start.

The Beginning Of The End

Passing through broken glass to witness the past replay in my eyes while my future is set in stone. These cold handlebars hold me secure as the wind calls out my name “velvet”, making its way through one ear to the other with a gentle swoosh. Then suddenly, I’m quickly jolted back to reality, having only a few seconds to type away on my lap and deactivate the cataclysmic weapon only a few steps ahead of me. Panic strikes every fibre of my being; my fingers stiffen as my breathing visibly become noticeable.

How did I get here, and why did it have to be me?

It all began when I was hired by the agency team after discovering my talent in the hacking field. This agency quickly became my new home, but not without its burdens and somewhat lonesome moments. Before all this, I was simply an average woman who’d work tirelessly in the shadows unrecognised by those frequently around me.

However, once the agency obtained intelligence of a new threat and required a skilful computer wizard, I was perfect for the job. My life was on the brink of change as I received the badge that identified me as an official agent. Then the sharpness of the moment kicked in as I sit firmly in my electric wheelchair “Velvet Sing, a special agent”. Not a moment longer, I was introduced to my team to which I had to lead, yet even with this small victory, my body proceeded to tremble in fear of losing everything at the pinnacle of success in one fell swoop.

Wonder filled my eyes while glancing at my badge. Only to be immediately captured back into reality once General Azrael raised her voice and stated the details regarding the new gang leader Musk Yu known to be the carrier of the stolen artefact, The Jester Gates. An artefact thought to have trapped the hearts and minds of thousands in days of old. For generations, many have feared it to end up in the wrong hands and be used to control the masses and end the flow of time.

My job was straightforward, hack into the systems and find a means to obtaining information regarding the secret code the gang leader had planted to prevent any outdoor interface from discovering the whereabouts of the other affiliated members actively partaking in concealing The Jester Gates. The rest of the team was to act out as bodyguards guided by my navigation through the building to seize Musk Yu and put an end to any other threats that may arise.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by congerdesign from Pixabay 

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