The Maiden’s Voice (Chapter Two)

Advancing through the blight Greyhound forest home to the great Pillar Dragon was my first task in finding the princess. With my sword wrapped around these stubby little hands of mine, I swiftly took out the gremlins that surround the dragon’s den.

From afar I could hear the princess’ melody being carried by the wind, as I made my way through the forest, soon my hands were coved with blood but then a light made it’s way to my eyes and whispered gently “this way” in haste I followed the ball of light and found myself face to face with the dragon.

Every bone in my body weakened at the sight of this mighty beast yet my heart grew in strength to the point my hands moved on their own without thought, while the dragon slept soundly I struck it down. As it laid there I felt a deep disturbance erupting from this forest, soon after the nature around me screeched in pain and became vicious, cautioning me to flee.

Once more the ball of light visited me then whisked my body to the next location in my search to find the princess.

© Panda Tales Animation

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