The Maiden’s Voice (Finale)

Sat in the den of wolves, I wrote in dust my last remarks. This ball of light I followed carried deep sorrow of what Hallow kingdom has become and knew from the start who it was guiding. With hatred it led me into the mouths of criminals who only despised the royal crown and spat upon our family name.

The longer I remained in this rickety land the greater their glares were toward me, almost like they wanted to end my life for merely who I was and where I had come from. After slaying a dragon and making it through the Greyhound Forest, I believed my heart would be strong enough to endure any hardship or insults that would possibly come my way.

Here I lay now with my face toward the ground begging whoever passes by for help and for the brutality to end. The words I wrote in the sand were simple:

“We all live, and we all have can be happy, but once one of us chooses to wage war we all lose the love that makes us human.”

© Panda Tales Animation

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