The Black Swan

All of creation was born with beauty, every piece was moulded to perfection and not a single bit of detail was left out. Swans among all the other creatures carry a sense of elegance, drifting to and fro across the waters of the Earth.

This black swan I hold steady in my hands wiggles about with a different shade compared to the other swans, it waddles without a care in the world believing it’s not being watched and talks to the rest of group as thought they’ve acknowledged its presence.

Many times it has tried to win them over, doing silly acts like sparing the bread left on the ground for one of them to pick up instead or showing compassion by calling help when one of them are injured. Yet nothing got their attention no matter how great or small the gesture was.

Over the course of one night, a private conversation occurred among the swans. The pink swan rose up to take her place as a distraction in hopes of luring the black swan into the trap that was already set for its demise.

To its dismay the black swan was trapped at the bottom of a well, forced be on its own without a friend in sight. However, a day soon came when the rest of the swans were fat and soon died and I as they owner wept sorrowfully as each one was laid to rest.

Whilst throwing a penny down the well, I heard the sweet sound of a lonely swan down at the bottom of the old well. With haste I grabbed a bucket, tied it around the rope and safely cast it downwards and brought the frail looking swan back up then took it back home.

The little things we do will soon be recognised over time. It is better to love than to hate, for once a stone has been thrown it is impossible to change its direction.

© Panda Tales Animation


Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

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