Letting the Past Go [A Biblical Perspective] – (Repost)

Today I’ll be re-sharing a post based around letting the past go with additional advice, as I believe this is a form of self-care and ultimately beneficial for our mental health especially in a fast pace world. In this post I discuss how we as believers in Christ can look to the bible for answers on how we should deal with these past experiences to ensure sufficient growth and deepen our relationship with the Father and see the future He has planned for us.

Don’t Keep It Bottled Up

Standing alone can do more harm than good. The bible lets us know in Ecclesiastes 4:9 that two is better than one, the bible goes further to bring to our attention that we should always cast all cares, worries and concerns to the Lord in 1 Peter 5.7. Therefore we should be prompted to always find someone in our circle who we can trust to help us through these rough times, while also releasing these concerns and hurts and placing them into God’s hands.

Key Point: Talk to the Lord about your past and seek His Word concerning the matter. Afterwards, look for a close friend who is strong in the faith and sit down with them to talk about what you’ve been through and pray about it together.

Your Past Does Not Define You

Social media has created a society where we love to bring up comparisons based on looks, the way we should live or where we should be in life or the material things we have around us. However, the way you think about yourself is very important as seen in Proverbs 23:7, thoughts play a big role in the way you act, relate with others and the actions you do on a day to day basis. Additionally, God knows you best as seen in Jeremiah 1:5, and loves you unconditionally (Psalm 136:26) so sit down and find out what God truly says about the identity you should uphold in your life.

Key Point: Don’t let your past experiences change who you are or define who you should be. Instead, remember God knows you by name, loves you unconditionally and has a plan for your life and begin to collect positive thoughts about your self-image by looking at the vision(s) God has shown to your heart.

Trusting God In The Process

For some of us letting go of a long term thought pattern is not easy, it may even cause us to feel like giving up is the easier option. However, in 2 Chronicles 15:7, we are instructed to remain strong and not give in to our circumstances. Therefore, when these moments in life occur our trust must be in the Lord more than ever, as only He can sustain and help us through the process of moving forward from our past.

Key Point: Each day we should allocate time to studying God’s Word, especially towards scriptures tailored around trusting in God. Additionally, if you still find yourself struggling with this topic then devote time to pray to the Lord about it and receive His guidance in this area.

Don’t Follow Your Emotions

Often times our emotions, thoughts and hearts can lead us astray or cause us to repeat the past or remind us of the same event over and over again. In Jeremiah 17:9 we are told the heart is deceptive which means we cannot rely on hearts as a guide. Therefore, we should instead let God be the final authority in all that we do, and be our only guide in life rather than our emotions.

Key Point: Your emotions are not fit to be your guide. So today, fill your spirit with the Word of God then begin to reject anything that may be distracting you from His guidance and develop a faith-building environment with individuals who can provide bible focused counsel to help you fight against thoughts concerning your past.

Letting God Into Your Heart

If you are not a believer in the Lord then everything discussed here won’t work for you. The first step for you is to receive the gift of salvation and allow God into your heart then place your trust in Him alone, from that point onward you’re a new creation in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17) and you can continue to live out the plan He has for you and experience God’s, everlasting love.

Key Point: Allow God into the door of your heart today by believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth that God raised Jesus Christ from the dead and find a daily devotional to get started in your faith in Christ.

© Roderick Lukenge

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