Dealing With Inadequacy (Repost)

As believers in Christ, we may experience periods of inadequacy regardless of the field we find ourselves in. These moments can hinder us from receiving the Lord’s best and deafen our ears to what God is saying to us both in and before this circumstance occurs. Today, we will be examining how to conquer these thoughts of inadequacy both biblically and practically, so let’s get started!

Know God’s Love For You

Self-love must be first before we move on loving our neighbours, but it is also vital to expel targeting ourselves based on a grudge we may have toward ourselves. Inadequacy comes about in our lives when we choose to regard ourselves as less than when in reality, we are more than enough to do what we were called to do in life. Therefore, the first step in conquering inadequacy is to look upon ourselves to see the beauty in what God has crafted you to be and understand the depth of God’s love and what He has done to demonstrate this love to each of us.

Know today that God truly loves you, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Right now, note down a few biblical scriptures that refer to God’s love toward you and find the many ways the Lord has demonstrated His love in your walk with Him.

Thank God For the Journey

At times our low moments may serve as a means to diminish the importance of giving thanks to the Lord for every blessing He has provided and the grace that is available to help us through the tough times. When facing adversity, we should be reminded of God’s faithfulness to see us through till the end and bestow our trust upon Him to help us in our circumstances.

Thanksgiving is a powerful act that shows our confirmation in understanding the Lord as the Author and Finisher of our faith and allowing Him to steer us through our darkest moments, knowing that His grace is sufficient in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Stop Listening to Lies

Seeking out the opinions of others based on how they view you is the primary reason for thoughts of inadequacy to form in our hearts. Naturally, everyone has a version of you and relate to you as such. Still, as believers, we should not be concerned about how others view us but instead look to God’s word as the final say concerning our identity in Christ alone.

Social media can be a significant influence and, at times, may even be the first place to find out if your persona fits in with the crowd. Therefore, we must be watchful of what enters into our minds and hearts when it comes to surfing the web and be alert when social media tries to steer us away from what we’ve come to know in our walk with the Lord.

Study Your Thoughts

Thoughts flood our minds every minute of each day, therefore making your mindset very important. How we choose to think of ourselves can influence how we speak upon our self-image and ultimately alter the way we respond to how God views us.

We each have enormous potential, but it solely hinges on the thoughts we choose to take hold of today. Therefore, it is good to speak positive affirmations that align with God’s word and reflect upon the blessings the Lord has provided for you throughout your life.

In doing so, you’ll be more discerning in your thought life and be ever more willing to reject thoughts that are contrary to your life in Christ.

Create New Boundaries

Some specific associations or conversations in our lives can cause us to feel a sense of inadequacy. For example, crude joking based on our appearance or actions may be funny to you or to others at the time. Still, in the end, these are seeds being sown into your life and may give birth to several insecurities or other strongholds in your lives that’ll cause you to feel self-conscious about yourself.

In these moments, we must set up boundaries in our conversations and make it clear to others how we feel towards such verbal treatment or simply cut off the association altogether. Be around those who treat you respectfully and acknowledge their own speaking faults when they’re around you.

Learn Who You Are in Christ

Suppose you’ve fallen victim to inadequacy or are in the position where you are following trends or social media influencers in hopes of finding your identity or simply following a crowd. In that case, you may be not aware of your identity in Christ or have steered away from this truth.

Standards exist on every life path, but not every way of life is made with the best in mind for you. God knows each and every one of us better than we perceive ourselves. Therefore, only the Lord can sustain and provide for our every need. It is through Christ we are gifted with salvation and in it abundant life.

Stop Being Reminded of the Past

There are times in our lives when the past will attempt to poke its head involuntarily, particularly in times of peace. Satan is the accuser of brethren and will often bring up our past faults through our loved ones or by other means, but if we choose to listen, we sow or water the seed of inadequacy in our life and hinder the progress we’ve made.

If you’ve shown genuine repentance to God concerning the fault, then there is no reason for you to continue to live in condemnation, as God has forgiven you and will not bring it to your attention again. So choose now to put the past behind you, then look to the future God has in store for you.

Honour Others

Jealously or bitterness can come alive when we go through inadequacy or even cause us to hurt others the way we have been afflicted in the past. Be reminded in Christ, we must show genuine love to our neighbour and care for those in and outside our circle of contact. In doing so, we will be reflecting the character of Christ and be a good example when it comes to honouring others even in our lowest of moments.

Further Reading

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© Roderick Lukenge

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