Hope Break (Chapter One)

Chapter One: The Gift of Silence

A mysterious flow of energy known as Moha swirled throughout the desolate Remi village. There lived mages of all ranks who soon took hold of this peculiar source for their own development and heinous plans. Ever since its conception, Moha was thought to be unstable and soon enough this peculiar force became abortive, causing destruction wherever it was put into use. In a blink of an eye the end was in sight and no amount of magic could prevent the great silence to loom over magic wielders in the village.

Moha continued to spread throughout the world, but with no mages in existence, no human would dare go near it.

Eventually, humans learnt how to contain this abnormal substance in small blue crystals and utilise them to nurture the planet and breath new life into the dead. As you can imagine this was later monopolised and only those with great riches could own the Moha Crystals, but much like the mages who lives years ago, humans began using the Moha energy for evil.

However, unlike the last generation, one special individual rose up among the crowd to unify and bring back hope for mankind before another devastating end to could work its way into the history books. Camilia Milian a descendant of the late magic user Nori Milian, is presumed to be a new generation of magicians with lesser capabilities than the last cohort.

On a tablet she wrote in secret in hopes for every age after her to see it and be motivated to live in peace. She noted: “The desires that spread through our mind should not control us nor bring harm to others, but rather spring up a newfound strength to face the future head on.”

This wellspring of peace that flowed in Camila’s heart proceeded to affect those around her. The great silence that loomed over magicians was at last broken, and thanks to this moment in history humanity can restore their hope in magic once again.

Be that as it may, not every soul found this truth to be pleasing.

© Panda Tales Animation

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