Loving God

With each person we meet each and every passing day, the dawning thought casually passes our mind on whether we should trust that particular person with our personal matters or not. This not only applies with the people we love but also with the relationship we have with God, but through the bible that we understand that God is trustworthy when it comes to depending on Him and letting Him take the lead in our lives. [Proverbs 3:5] [E.S.V] 

Trust is one thing but when it comes to faith we go beyond and let others provide for us in one way or another, or we trust that they will do what they say they’ll do, whether that’s for material things or for all-around support we usually need a helping hand when we find ourselves stuck or need a push in the right direction. God’s Word lets us know that if we have even the smallest of faith, then we can even move mountains but that type of faith is only through first trusting God and believing that He can do whatever we ask for in prayer. [Matthew 17:20] [N.I.V]

For many, the past can be a like a wall that you just can’t get over, no matter what you try or distract yourself with there will always be a reminder of what was or what happened earlier on in your life. We must remember that our past should not define us or stop us from loving God or prevent us from taking on what God has placed on our hearts to do. [Proverbs 4:25-27] [N.L.T]

If you haven’t allowed God into your heart then maybe today is the day that you make the choice, just sit down and in your own words ask God for forgiveness and ask Him to come into your heart and make you anew.

© Roderick Lukenge

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