Hope Break (Chapter Two)

Chapter Two: Switching Sides

As the Moha crystals grew in popularity, humans all over the world became consumed with its capabilities to the point of no return. Years later, humans adapted to the Moha crystals energy and technology advanced greatly.

Time continued to pass and soon Moha energy was on the brink of exhaustion if nothing was done to keep the balance. Camila’s influence expanded and soon she developed her group of light Mages who help the world keep Moha from evil hands and maintain the order of its usage throughout the world.

However, an infamous group known as Vela La Creel was developed as Moha energy made its way to the corners of the Earth. Xero, the leader of the group harboured a great distaste toward the Moha society and believed strongly that this power can be used to dismantle the barriers his company had suffered.

The light soon fought the dark but was snuffed out with the very thing they tirelessly protected. Vela La Creel managed to create negative Moha which was later injected into each light mage, leaving Camila as the final barrier to their heinous plan. Magic was at the centre of this fierce battle, but nothing could stop what was soon to come. Earlier, Vela La Creel devised a plan to inject negative Moha into Camila as they did so for the other light mages.

At the height of the battle Xero initiated the plan and completed it swiftly as the crowd continued to watch in anticipation. The world was in shock as they saw their only source of light begin to fade away into the darkness. Moha once again faced evil and for another handful of years, mankind was trapped in a labyrinth conjured up by their imaginations, with no one around to help them.

© Panda Tales Animation

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