‘Tis the season
When the charlatans
Come with their crafts
To lure and deceit
Their audience,
With their terrible acts
Sadly, some cheer them on
For though, having eyes,
They see not.
Alas, they’ve been hoodwinked
By their trickery
And by their ruse,
Have they lost their senses
For the audience shout,
Encore! Encore!!
And bring them back up stage
Every 4 years…
The thespians come with lofty speech
And with grandeur of lips
The audience are swayed,
They cheer, they cheer
The people are taken by their charm,
If only they knew,
That it’s all an illusion
That those up stage do not care
About them nor their cheers,
Maybe they’ll be sensible
Maybe they’ll not give in
To their smooth talking
Or their awry drama…
If only the people knew
They had the power,
To shut down the show
If… If… If only they knew…

(c) Chukwudi I.

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