How to Find Your Purpose

Every single decision made in a day has a purpose behind it but each of those choices is relatively simple to make. However, when it comes to choosing a path to take in life we stumble and have no clue where to go or how to discover what we are truly good at. Today let’s look at three simple questions we can ask ourselves to resolve this issue.

Search For God’s Gifts In You

Your passions or even personality are the keys to discovering your purpose in life, whatever keeps your attention the longest or is the first thing you think of whenever you get up in the morning may just be the thing you need to focus/improve on to get to where you want to be. 

Be aware that every gift or talent you have was given by God to be used for His glory, and each of those gifts is to be honoured and bring about good on the Earth. Take time to explore yourself and find out what those gifts are by reading scriptures based on this topic and setting time to talk to the Father about your purpose.

© Roderick Lukenge

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