Finding Peace in the Midst of Stress

Stress is a common occurrence yet can be overlooked in our everyday lives. Self-care books present several tips on tackling this issue which can aid you for a moment but not provide an everlasting cure. Here are two key points you can implement into your flow of life to make your days more enjoyable, comfortable and productive.

Self-Care and Time Management

Intrinsically, most of us love to give over a lot of time toward others in an attempt to be accepted or approved by them or simply to put a smile on their faces. However, our mental well-being can be affected and lead to burnout as we constantly strive to bring happiness to the lives of others or provide a safety net. 

While it is not wrong to show gratitude or provide a space for others, doing it all on your own is not sustainable. Instead, when it comes to these types of relationships, we must consider ourselves by always making time for self-care and knowing when to take time out of these mentally draining situations.

Each day has a list of demands, but not everything needs to be set as a priority if you think about it. Sometimes, we may commit to someone else’s responsibilities or spend time with those who don’t benefit us entirely.

When this happens, it’s always best to revise our list of priorities and note which ones need to remove and those that need to be assigned a little higher or lower. If you feel exhausted or simply running out of steam, try to create your list of priorities and establish a boundary on how much energy you spend on each activity.

We all struggle to divide our time consistently and appropriately when fulfilling the activities we set ourselves. However, with all the tools and applications we can use today, time management is simple and relatively easy to wrap around our heads. 

If you hope to create an environment where you can complete all the tasks you plan to do in a day, then perhaps you might require an application on your smartphone or desktop. With such a tool, it’ll serve as a means to set up notifications whenever a task is due or help you plan out your day/week more effectively. Alternatively, you could purchase a calendar or planner to write day-to-day activities, pin it onto the wall, or place it on your desk as a reminder throughout the day.

Time Outs and Pastimes

It’s possible you’ve been bogged down with work but have a sense of resistance toward your commitments or lack the motivation to continue with them. Once this issue arises, it usually indicates that you need time to indulge in leisure activities and turn away from work in the meantime. 

In these moments, you can pick up your favourite pastime or take it easy and rest up for a few hours to recharge in preparation for the following line-up of tasks. Whatsoever you choose to do as a hobby is entirely up to you. But be aware of how much said activity demands in your all-around health.

Resting is imperative if you are a busybody; you may even break down in exhaustion without it. If you find that resting is not an easy task for you, you may want to go for a stroll outside the neighbourhood or in a park. Other activities you may want to consider doing yoga, going outside for a swim or sitting down to read in the comfort of your home. Whichever one you choose, the goal here is to relax and take a cool off from your day-to-day activities.

© Roderick Lukenge

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