What Makes a Good Hero In Storytelling?

Ever wanted to write the perfect protagonist but was unaware of how or where to begin? If that is your case, read through these three tips on how to get started.

What Motivates them?

Building up the motivation factor for your character should be the first step to making a successful protagonist. Inform your audience of what pushes your main character or drives them to be who they are. Refer to who inspires them with the addition of the lessons learnt from a mentor figure in their life.

The End Destination

How your protagonist arrives at their goal is just as important as the destination itself. Map out your main character‘s journey and be clear about what they should experience along the way and why it’s meaningful for them to achieve this goal in the first place.

A Support System

The characters that provide help to your protagonist have to be placed as a priority when developing your main character. Some goals in a story are unattainable without a support system in place, by adding such a system will bring another layer of relatability to your main character and also provide significant interest to your story.

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