Describing Your Characters Effectively

In this post, we look into the four effective methods to describe characters for storytelling purposes and bring them alive in an impactful way.

Think About Personality

When it comes to character creation, the personalities you create in your story should be the first point to consider when creating an impactful narrative. The identity you bestow on your characters will affect your audience in one way or another. Make sure to take your time in this process to construct characters that not only mean something to your audience but can also connect with them on a holistic level.

Character Interactions

Creating a cast intended for interaction purposes is imperative as this also plays a part in helping your audience understand your characters and how they interact with different personalities occurring in your story. 

The Conflict

Using friction in your stories can help showcase your characters’ personalities from different angles whilst giving your audience further depth and deeper engagement. This method is particularly best for an antagonist or protagonist as this provides a good way for you to introduce a backstory or reasons why the conflict exists in the first place. 

Achievements and Goals

Bringing to light the goals and previous achievements your characters have gone through can allow your audience to learn the purpose and suitability side of those characters you introduce into your story. Therefore, when describing your characters think about the things they have achieved, ambitions or future aspirations to add a sense of uniqueness to that particular persona and level of relatability.

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