How to Create Your Own Short Story

As someone passionate and significantly driven to write captivating stories that steer the imagination, I have created this step-by-step guide you can follow to make your own short story.

Plan Your Story

All the good stories out there begin with a detailed plan. For this process to go smoothly and remain simple, I recommend using applications such as Notion, Google Docs or Microsoft Word to note down the theme, genre and a short synopsis of the story you intend to create. 

During the planning stage, you should assess the type of audience you are attempting to appeal to, as this will impact your writing style and the tone you use throughout the narrative. 

Know Your Narrative

Remembering the story plot points to your narrative can be daunting or cause you to get stuck mid-way. At this point, it’s best to have the story written out as an outline, and if possible, you can add as much detail as needed to make it clear for future reference. 

Character Roles

The characters in your narrative are the heart of your story; every one of them will resonate with your audience one way or the other. Therefore, they each must serve the purpose you intend them to do. To help you through this design process, use an app called Story Plotter which will allow you to thoroughly plan out your story and also aid you in creating impactful characters. 

Your First Draft 

Once you have completed the planning stage, you can move toward writing your first draft. From here, you can establish a writing style, roughly develop the plot points you planned previously and set up character interactions along with their development journey. It is imperative to create multiple drafts of your story and take breaks in between to get the best version of your narrative possible.

Publish Your Story

Commonly, after writing drafts, writers tend to skip the publishing stage. However, this is where your creative piece can meet with people who can constructively criticise your work and help you become a better writer over time. Therefore, don’t allow fear to stop you from publishing; let those around you experience the contents of your story; you never know who may want to see more from you in future.

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